Diazepam just like every other synthetic drug is simply seen as a tranquilizing muscle-relaxant drug mainly used for the relief of anxiety. This drug is known to be comprised of substances affect chemicals of the brain when they are unbalanced hence, reducing the risk of anxiety. Also known as Valium is diazepam which is presented in small scored circular tablets that can either be pink, yellow or blue. This guide is bent on teaching us if diazepam and alcohol makes a great combination or not. But before digging deep to learn about the resultant effect of a combo of diazepam and alcohol, let’s briefly give you a clear insight about the many uses of diazepam and some side effects when used singly.

Beneficial importance of diazepam to our body

Diazepam is relatively beneficial to our body’s system as they serve a lot of purposes, some of which are as follows –
Chiefly an anti-anxiety drug
Relieves spasms
Treats seizures
Used for alcohol withdrawal
Provides sedation before medical procedures
Enhances the effects of a neurotransmitter called gamma a amino but grid acid

Amidst its many uses, diazepam also pose a little side effect when taken. Side effect indicated from the use of this drug includes euphoria, heavy sedation, drowsiness etc. This occurs in mild conditions but when severe requires the attention of a medical practitioner. Knowing this much about diazepam with keen interest on it been used to withdraw alcohol; one would not be mistaken if being inquisitive to truth behind diazepam and alcohol. Are they really compatible? Let’s find out more.

Does diazepam and alcohol make a good combo?
One may think of a possible way of getting high in a short period of time and if you are looking in this direction, let’s shock you a bit with what you never knew about mixing diazepam with alcohol. Diazepam and alcohol are never a great duo even in very low doses. Combining alcohol with diazepam leaves you in great danger because alcohol helps a quick transportation of a greater percentage of diazepam to the brain, making it stay longer, hence, causing a fatal incidence which could result in death.

One may tend to ask why such a devastating resultant effect, this is simply because the both drugs works as a central nervous system depressant.Thoughts about mixing alcohol and diazepam is should never come across your mind as they never work together.
It is advised to used them separately and at least a space of 7days(168hours) should be observed for each drugs as diazepam has a relative half life of about 20 – 80 hours making it still visible in the body’s system even after 5days. Stay away from drug abuse as it only poses dangers and potential health risk to our system. Stay healthy always.

Your health and wellbeing is very important, this is why it is advisable to stay clear from alcohol while using Diazepam.